Eco Gold/Silver

For many of us who are worried about the environment and wish to keep the world a greener place, eco gold and silver is the perfect material to use in all casting.

Eco gold/silver has been recycled back via a traceable process into fine gold and silver. The feed material for Eco gold and silver comes in the form of scrap from market sectors such as the jewellery, giftware, medical and electronics industries.

Tru Bronze

TruBronze is a non-precious alloy that was developed to make models, sample line jewellery or finished costume jewellery. TruBronze has the look of 14K yellow gold which will show your jewellery well without the cost of karat gold. This casting alloy can resist tarnishing for long periods of time in sample cases but may tarnish when worn against the skin. TruBronze does not need to be gold plated and can be directly rhodium plated without the need for pre-nickel plating.

Shakudo Gold

Shakudo Gold is a mixture of gold and copper (typically 4–10% gold, 96–90% copper) which can be treated to form an indigo/black patina resembling lacquer. Unpatinated shakudo visually resembles bronze; the dark color is induced by applying and heating rokushō, a special patination formula.

It can be used to make great objects and jewellery where a blue/black patina gives wonderul contrast with silver or gold.